Hair Design as a Healing Art

At TRANSFORMATIONS SALON we believe in Hair Design as a Healing Art! What do you expect from your Hair Designer? Talent, skill, availability…we are here to demand that you raise your standard. At Transformations Salon, our stylists have these attributes and something more. We are true artists who love to take risks and step out of the box. You are a unique individual and your style and self-care regimen must reflect and accentuate you. COOKIE CUTTER CUT & COLOR WILL NOT SUFFICE!

Our Mission

It is our belief that beauty comes from within. The environment in which you choose to receive the services that make you feel more beautiful (inside and out) should reflect this. We constantly strive to provide a safe, comfortable, and nourishing space for you to experience your own personal transformation. We only use and recommend the highest quality products on our clients, with an emphasis on purity in order to establish and maintain the health and integrity of the skin and hair.